Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunshine and ski's.

Yesterday was one of those special days. The sun shone brightly and I was where I wanted to be. On the golf course with my best mate in a major competition.
My efforts of the last week did not go unnoticed when a lady golf member commented that I had lost a bit of weight. Perhaps she was looking at my ankles.
I am testing my blood sugar daily now and it is hovering between 13-15 when it should be around 5. Mind you, this is better than last week when it was averaging 25!
I have made a conscious effort to stop eating the crap I was throwing down my throat. I am buying only fresh products and drinking cranberry juice at work in copious amounts. Salads have been my main meals for this week.
I have also joined a diabetes forum, The members have already given me great advice, particularly on alternatives to slaving away at a gym to get fit. One of the members suggested that I take up Nordic walking. I had never heard of this before and it does intrigue me. You walk quickly aided by two poles (a little like skiers use) and burn calories very quickly with minimum effort. There is a club near me so I am going to check them out this week.

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